Friday, February 26, 2010

T4 Experimentation with Read + Pattern

So, I have made yet another great discovery within my experiments! As noted in my last post, I have thrown around the idea of creating patterns to demonstrate flow of the forms in both horizontal and vertical directions, and in that respect, I will be pushing the line between what is type and what is art. I started out working with words I have previously created and seeing what interactions they had reading left to right as well as top to bottom. They definitely created some very interesting forms, but I wanted to search with something that had a bit more meaning, something that would take a lot more to read in to. So I went back to the alphabet, and by happy accident, I reflected the type and discovered letters that read as different letters when they were reflected. My goal since then has been to create forms in the negative space that define 2 letters; one original and one reflected. From there I plan to moved towards their interaction in pattern work, the most difficult part is coming up with actual works on both sides of the reflection...For now I am just working with single letterforms and considering a series of pattern works. I would love to come up with a double meaning word or phrase but we will have to see if that comes to light before I run out of time. Enjoy!

working with repetition and reflections (above)

crazy! (above)

guess both letter for each and you get a gold star!! 

 Here is a look at some work that developed  during class on Friday. I worked intensively with the patterns, in the end working with a single form and how it can be reflected and repeated. I suggested the introduction of color, not sure if I like it or not, the pure black and white reference speaks strongly to the form and give simple yet impactful contrast. 

I also took an approach dealing with the interaction of words from baseline to the top of the word below it. So essentially, I worked with breaking from line to line to define the top and bottoms of the letters in each word. I work with a more free flowing, organic form as well as an angular, rigid, sharp form. I feel this is my best discovery yet, and successful at my goal of creating flow and interaction both horizontally and vertically.



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