Wednesday, February 24, 2010

T4 "Type Image Message" Reading Response

The basic idea in this reading is how the viewer depends on type and image to give form and meaning to many messages and ideas. With this idea, images are more opened ended with many interpretations whereas words or type are shapes with learned, recognized meanings.  In relation to my type experimentation I am pushing this idea, melding image and type; creating type as image.

As far as which of the compositional strategies I have used most in the past, I would have to say my work leans heavily to the fusion of type and image. Working with type and image as one, and the type of 'cause and effect' relationship they have upon each other. In this relationship type and image are carefully constructed around each other and often create visual metaphors and other rhetorical devices.

Pertaining to my current work at kcai, I definitely see myself experimenting a bit more with multiple strategies. I have definitely created a lot more dimension within my work and my portfolio since starting at kcai. I have not only carried on the strategy of fusion but also the multiple meaning and clarity of separation, and the displacement, interruption, and exaggeration of fragmentation strategies.

In relation to my type experiment I am working heavily with inversion in which type and image exchange roles. This is relevant because of the idea of exchanging the roles of type and image, creating type to be viewed as image. It also works in the realm of fusion in regards to type and image working as one and connected in space. As well as the idea of transforming experience in regards to what is viewed in the positive and negative space. I am not certain that I can fully define my experimentation within these strategies because of the fact that I am dealing with type appearing as image as well as type. But I would like to explore the possibility of my experimentation fitting it to the other two strategies as well as further implementation in to the two already mentioned. I may do so by looking at contradiction (separation) appearing by what is read in the negative and positive space. Or pushing it towards multiple meanings that are woven in to the message that is defined as well as the overall image that is created (fragmentation).

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