Friday, February 5, 2010

T4 Typographic Experimentation Collection and Research

After numerous sources of research I have finally gotten a grasp on my area of experimentation. The extensive research thus far in this project has really given me an idea for what is out there in the design world as well as an insight on some designers and their mode of thinking when it comes to experimentation. Take a look at my second collection of images, I put much more emphasis and focus on the ideas I would like to experiment and narrowed it even more with focus on certain designers and firms.

One of the first designers I came across was Andrew Byron (above). The emphasis on simplistic, fundamental form is what inspired me.

The pieces above are the product of a design firm entitled Struktur in the UK. The purity of form and interaction between letterforms as well as the use of gestalt  is very unique. (above)

Philippe Apeloig, who designed the pieces above, instilled the most intrigue with not only his typeface design but how it is applied to advertisment, identity, and exhibition. Also the purity and strength of the forms he has developed are very unique and expressive. (above)

Also, here is a look at my thoughts based upon the research and development I have made on this project during the past week. 

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