Tuesday, February 2, 2010

TYPE 4: Project 1 Focus Area Research & Discussion

Today we discusses potential focus areas for out experimental type project, and after an large  amount of gather and researching I think I have arrived at an avenue I would like to explore. Here is a look at some existing typographic design that has been intriguing thus far...

The typeface design above by Phil Baines is the strongest inspiration and struck me with the most intrigue. I would like to explore something along the lines of legibility, readability, and recognizably with minimal, abstract form. This idea is so dynamic because the letterforms are broken down to their purest 'signature' stroke or shape so that they are recognizable on their own.

So with my experiments I have a real interest in focusing on form ambiguity and the interaction of that form 2-dimensional (print) as well as 3-dimensional whether it be broken up on several surfaces or brought together on one, I also have an interest in environmental interaction. Also, look at the characteristics of san-serif versus serif and possibly look at the dimensionality of using different alphabets. Once I narrow my focus and get a real grasp of my direction I will have a better idea of how this all might work out.

During class we were asked to create a composite image embodying our research and potential area of study. My image was a combination of the key elements I would like to focus on, and the reasoning for it being strictly black and white it to bring attention to pure form and structure.


Also, below are some other inspirational images that might help determine my narrowed direction...


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