Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Info Arch P1: McCoy vs. Vignelli | Final

Here is a look at my final, live site for the point of view comparison of Massimo Vignelli and Katherine McCoy.

Monday, March 29, 2010

P2: The Persuasive Experience | Final Product + Statement

The evolution of this branding project is quite remarkable and I am very satisfied with my end result. The fact that we were to fully develop this brand with a target consumer and competition in mind created a holistic brand with a developed experience that creates true meaning with the consumer. I feel the branding was successful in appealing to the target consumer through the utilization of the numbering system and becomes relateable with the task through humorous copy and color palette. This creates the experience for the user; relating the numbers to sports and time, the length of time before you are sunburned. The ritual of consumption continues with the humorous text poking fun at sunburns being "as red as..." as well as the diagram displaying the time 'restrictions' for each sunblock and its respective spf. The use of more traditional sunblock bottles further supports my brand and I embraced these forms with typography contour and the minimal color palette that give notion to the white, generic-ness of the containers. I thoroughly enjoyed this project and the implementation of the branding into phase 2 will round out the experiential aspect for the consumer. For the latter part of this project I have plans to photograph my products in context; I am considering a park, outdoor sporting event, or sand pit-- since we do not have a beach near by; may be a nice excuse for a vacation? So, here is a look at the final product, enjoy!

In prequel to the finished designs, here is another look at my research panels:
consumer research (above)
comparable audit (above)
 visual research/inspiration (above)

Final Product:

Some process documentation as well...

P2: The Persuasive Experience | Final Progress

A look at the final progression for this project; implementing the elements on all 3 objects developing scale and hierarchy to create a cohesive set.

squeeze bottle application (above)

traditional bottle application (above)

round container application (above)

T4 Conference | Activities Brainstorm

Target Audience?
Graphic designers, typographers, design students + professors (approximate capacity of 80 attendees)

Lectures on experimenting with type, communication with type, communication history, modern communication and perception, etc.

Type of Interactions?
Personal - space for reflection, study, experimenting

People to People - sharing, group experiments, critique, community living

People to Speaker - tapes, mp3-- recorded messages, live lecture- small size, personal one-on-one critique/discussion/feedback, 4 speakers

People to Environment - Outside reflection/lecture/discussion, small classrooms, large lecture hall, community living/meals (small groups), art room (supplies)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

T4 Conference | Identity + Artifact Exploration

Beginning work for the identity I reflected on the brainstorming session Tom and I had last week, picking up on key terms and ideas. We have a strong emphasis on interaction which we broke in to 4 major groups (1) interaction with self (2) interaction with others/collaboration (3) interaction with speakers (4) interaction with the environment.  These 4 areas are explained in further detail in the previous post, but the main idea from these 4 is that the attendees ultimately "make or break" the conference, its function relies on their strong participation versus the passiveness of typical conferences.

Tom and I are looking to portray a strong contrast from the clutter and chaos of the every day design/advertising saturated world. Our approach is more 'zen-like' breaking free from the clutter and jumble of information and into something that is rejuvenating, fresh, and novel. An open, airy design with custom typography should do the trick.

  • renew
  • rejuvenate
  • fresh
  • relief
  • release
  • meditate
  • experimental
  • subjective
  • above/next, higher level
  • expanse
  • calm
  • smooth
Our World
  • clutter
  • cloud
  • chaos
  • masses
  • over-used
  • superficial
  • stereo-type
  • objective
  • artificial- narrow
  • par
  • over-saturation
  • crowded room


a look at foundation typefaces and color palettes that exemplify our conference personality.

    Friday, March 26, 2010

    T4 Conference | Concept Map + Timeline

    At the end of two weeks this is the direction I arrived at for my concept map and timeline. As you can see I put more emphasis on the brainstorming of every element needed for a typography conference as well as the relationships they establish with each other. The toughest part of this design challenge was being able to display all the relationships and have them be within a certain proximity of each other so that it does not become a tangled mess. With this in consideration, I decided to develop most of the relationship on a broader subject level and from their it can be determined what relationships are established. From a hierarchy standpoint I feel I could have played with the scale and weight of the arrows to indicate main ideas and their subcategories better. The color scheme works with the idea that everything is related in some form or another, and the division based up the color tints displays the separate larger ideas.
    Pertaining to the timeline, I took an approach of dividing it our in to months before and after the conference as well as displaying the 4 days during the conference. The main idea is there but the relationship of scale is not, I would like to re-work it so that the days are obviously 'zoomed' in and we are taking a closer look inside of the months. The timeline in my design served as a secondary guiding element to the brainstorming, determining when certain pieces should begin, develop, and end.

    T4 Conference | Designer Bio

    Philippe Apeloig was born in Paris in 1962. He never intended on being a designer but it now highly noted for his posters, many of which are permanently on exhibition at MoMA along with his typographic design. His interest in design did not come until his experience at Total Design in the Netherlands.  In 1985 he obtained a design job with Musée d'Orsay in Paris and from there he was awarded a scholarship of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. With the scholarship he traveled to Los Angeles where he worked with April Greiman. Apeloig’s research into the design of letterforms was in 1993 as a student at the Académie of France in Rome (Villa Medicis). He has taught typography and graphic design at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs as well as Cooper Union School of Art of New York, he also became the curator of Herb Lubalin Study Center of Design and Typography. In 2009, the most recent exhibit of his work was held at the University of Quebec in Montreal, entitled “The Animated Typography”; during the previous year he also had an exhibition featuring his typographic design, “Vivo in Typo” held in Paris.

    Apeloig defines the role of typography and it’s magnificence as one that allows “for more brilliant visualizations of the invisible, and obverts the gaze of people, adding a strength that can’t be seen at first glance.” His brilliant success has gained mass attention from the design and art communities, and most recently Apeloig won the overall award at the 2009 International Society of Typographic Designers Awards for his Theatre du Chatelet poster campaign.

    T4 Conference | Concept Revision; Theme, Description, Interaction

    Tom and I have met and revised our language, written a new theme description and given the event a new name:

    Experiement - Learn - Create

    Does advertising have to be mere type on a page making messages that we instantly understand or can it be abstract, have multiple meanings and have greater impact and aesthetic quality? ArtType is a one of a kind Type Expo in the mountains, a get away experience where you can retreat, unwind and explore the wonderful world of experimental typography away from the business and clutter of the norm. Join professionals and amateurs, get outside and be inspired for four days of play, instruction and making of beautiful letterforms that speak volumes.

    The conference will address four levels of interaction:

    1. People and the environment - they will spend time on their own outside drawing from nature and being inspired in the quiet and peaceful atmosphere of the mountains. They will have instruction while out there. They may only take analogue methods of recording information.

    2. People by themselves
    They will get to spend time outside away from cell phones, laptops and noise. Being on their own will stir up all kinds of craziness.

    4. People and conference speakers - the delegates will interact with the speakers by listening to their recorded messages on mp3 or tape. They will listen to the messages and make notes in a specially printed journal.

    3. People and other conference delegates
    They will bring their meditations, creative ideas and thoughts back to a small group where each group will be chaired by a facilitator. There they will share ideas and do experiments. At various points in the conference, groups will switch up and there will be main events where facilitators will share learned experiences and practical examples of work.

    Wednesday, March 24, 2010

    P2: The Persuasive Experience | Initial Mock-up

    I have to say, I am REALLY having some fun with this project and it is definitely coming together. Due to the further pushing of the branding aspect, I am a bit behind in relation to implementing the design on to 2 additional objects. However, I am solidifying the design so it should be a simple transfer over to the other objects. I have also spent quite a bit of time creating mock-up 'labels' to determine the applicable surface that my design will occupy on the object. In this process I experimented with finding the right balance between maximum usable surface area and ability to implement the label seamlessly on to the object. As of now I have confidently settled on more of a gold accent color as it still gives reference to skin tone but I also saw it relevant to sports and 'going for the gold!' Enjoy!

    A look at the 2 additional objects I am using in my branding scheme, also, a brief look at my label mock-up approach; it all began will tracing paper which I scanned in. (above)

    Monday, March 22, 2010

    P2: The Persuasive Experience | More Push

    I have began to work my design in to cohesive front and back elements, as well as, playing with the addition of second and third colors. I felt that the piece needed more color since i have decided to stick to the white background in reference to the traditional sunblock bottle. I also decided to take the route of the digital clock/scoreboard numbers due to their relevance in sports, and they also relate to the time element taking place in my 'experience' with the product. However, last night I was contemplating the true relevance of this the digital numbers really pertain to outdoor recreation and sports? This is where I find myself contemplating the outcome, and unfortunately, it is pretty late in the game to be doing so...I have hopes of resolving the relevancy by justification or another similar route that may be as simple as ridding the clock/scoreboard reference as the main driver of the brand.

    Below I have begun work with color and establishing cohesiveness from front to back. As far as color variation, I started working with orange in reference to the sun and its elements but have more recently found myself working towards skin tones that effectively contrast the red. I am also working with a black tint to display the more secondary information that, again, displays effective contrast in value from the other primary colors.