Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Info Arch P1: McCoy vs. Vignelli | Even More Development + Refinement

This go-round I have given a lot of attention to typography is respect to tracking, leading, scale, and ultimately hierarchy. Typographically I have been working with scale push between pull-quotes and body text, as well as contrast between Vigneilli and McCoy's views. I have also been working towards creating a strong heading with the years, and they could possibly contain a subtitle in the future. There is also the task of establishing a strong top anchor to my vertical design as well as a columnar structure that is represented in each of the 3 sections. I have also come to a possible solution with the rollover and click states, using a 40-70% black overlay while not active, then 0% during rollover and click states. Different from previous developments, I included both the biographies and essays within the timeline, and each are in flow with the chronology of events. They are distinguished by a tight image crop of the book from which they were published in; and after further working with the design I discovered that they, like Unimark, could be combined, not sure yet though...I also integrated a diffusion in the background created by vertical lines working in cohesiveness with the gray used, they give a nice dimension to the page versus the stark white from before. In this respect there was a white text plane added to that the copy is still easily read, may work with a gradient or drop shadow like effect on the vertical edges, for now it is a simple stroke that relates to the image and timeline outlines.


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