Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Kansas City Community Gardens Project

As some of you know, I am submitting a proposal for the Kansas City Community Gardens and their events; the Fall Family Festival and the Beanstalk Children's Garden. So here is a look at some of my conceptualization, after researching the organization and their mission, the most distinctive trait was that of growth within the community. With my design I really want to expose and strengthen that growth and outreach to the community as it is, I feel, the foundation of their organization. I feel it will cater very well with their events and tag-line, 'come grow with us'.

My basic I idea, as stated above, contains the idea of growth and outreach. So I am working to interpret that through a 'garden' motif, obviously. Working with a rather different view showing somewhat of a cross section exposing the roots and soil, referencing growth and foundation. The main text will appear in some fashion as the vegetation or roots and the subheads and additional copy will appear below. The definition of the soli will define the border and resolve the issue of no-bleed printing on 11x17, the ticket design will reference this design as well. As of now I am working out some things and will post refined comps later on tonight or tomorrow, but this should give you a good idea of what I am doing.

 UPDATE [3-5-10]

After a lot of work last night and half of the day today I have finally completed my concept proposal. Here is a look at the presentation I put together for those community board members that cannot make it, I thought this would be a more informational display of my concept. It includes the two event posters as well as the ticket design...updates to come no how the presentation goes and their decision. This idea really came together in the end and I am very pleased with the outcome, enjoy!


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