Thursday, March 4, 2010

P2: The Persuasive Experience | Branding + Inspiration

As I am under way in the branding process for my product, I have done some additional research looking at the possibility of catering to two different audiences (adults and children) while keeping the same cohesive branding elements. Within this process, in relation to the activity themed idea, I thought of working with two sort of extremes; snow/skiing and swimming/beach. From here I did a brief audit and came up with a could examples; however, none as specific as what I would like to attempt. So here is a look at some inspiration/competitor research as well as some initial sketches that I am working into ideas for a branding system.

nice, clean work from brandhouse 

K2; source unknown

 Through this process, however, I did stumble upon the differentiation between 'sunblock' and 'sunscreen'. Sunblock is a zinc oxide based lotion that is typically used for sun-sensitive areas; nose, lips, ears, and shoulders. It also tends to be messy and can stain clothing, the exact opposite of what I am trying to portray as are may of the brands out there. Sunscreen on the other hand, is more cosmetically refined, and is more effective over long periods of time; it also proves to be less messy and more convenient as it has been worked in to a spray form. So I have a bit of a dilemma considering the connotation 'sunblock' has as I feel the word instills more meaning and could play better to my product scheme. I will have to weigh the differences and ultimately make a decision.


Here are some rough sketch ideas and brainstorming about branding my product from the more corporate, brand name aspect as well as catering to the specific product itself. I am slowly starting to see fusion between the two but still have quite a bit to work out; color palette and actual tangible objects/containers still need to be worked out. I am planning on getting in to all of this extensively over the weekend. 

A look at semantics; narrowing down my brand to core characteristics

These last two sketches I was working with the organic icon of a leaf and how that can be worked in o the form of an 'a'. Could have potential but not sure how it will play out with the rest of my system; still need to work out cohesiveness and flow within the brand.

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