Friday, March 19, 2010

P2: The Persuasive Experience | Comps + Reworks

Although this branding project is coming together rather slowly, I am starting to get a real grasp on my brand in regards to look and feel, personality, and the experience. This is a brief look at what I have so far as well as a look at the 'found' objects my designs will be appearing on.

re-working the logotype and focusing on scale, weight, and hierarchy (above)

a copy idea I am working on, and expanding, to add some humor and enjoyment to the experience (above)

working with large scale numbers, and the spelling, as well as some digital numbers that give reference to scoreboards in sports; however, the numbers will relate to the sport aspect either way so I am having a bit of trouble deciding my direction. (above)

the 3 objects I plan on using for my 3-dimensional representation (above)

Here is some of the previous work that has lead up to this point...
working with representation and a bitmap like form for the numbers, a good experiment but I do not think it has the feel I am looking for. (above)

digital number work (above)

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