Monday, March 8, 2010

P2: The Persuasive Experience | Conceptual Stages of Branding

After concluding additional research of the consumer, comparables, and inspiration, I have arrived at a potential concept for my product design and branding. It was quite and effort to come up with a branding concept and I arrived at my concept rather late and could definitely use more development and thought to content, meaning, and layout. As far as interaction of the branding with the dimensional object, I have yet to integrate that aspect and will look into it further as I gather all the needed content and develop the right appeal for my audience.

Ultimately, taking into consideration my audience, I arrived at the concept of icons differentiating my 'activities' for my branding packaging design. I took this approach due to the outdoor, active nature of my audience and took into consideration the idea of sports logo design. This created a bold, dynamic, and fashionable design that is well on its way to catering to my initial project brief. I still want to work more dynamically with the color palettes and creating cohesiveness but yet keeping a distinctive nature between the two extremes. So here is a view of my process dealing with the Acme brand as well as the branding of the product itself.

final push below

The idea behind the Acme branding was to quietly reference that 'natural' aspect of the brand as well as its global eco-friendly personality. The use of the italic, serif logotype references the quality of the brand as well as its motion towards earth-friendly production.

initial icon work

experimenting above with color distinction, consistent brand elements, hieracrchy, and form of the icon and connotation.

concept prototypes; superimposed on similar bottle regarding form, size, and shape.

This Swedish company, ACO was the main inspiration behind my design, I really enjoy the icon based system, direct relationship of color palette, shape of packaging, as well as the crop and utilization of the icon.


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