Wednesday, March 10, 2010

P2: The Persuasive Experience | Conceptual Stages of Branding Part 2

Ok, so based upon my meeting on Monday reviewing my initial concept and getting some crucial feedback, I have decided to take a different direction. However, I will still be keeping the same target audience but altering the theme a bit and I would still like to work in the icons if applicable. After discussion of my target audience (active, outdoor, sporty) and the idea of working from sports logos as I did in my initial concept, we arrived at the idea of working with numbers because after all sports are all about the numbers, right? Stats, jersey numbers, score, time, wins, ties, losses...

With this new direction I will also still be holding true to my semantic evaluation working towards being bold, dynamic, and fashionable. In this approach I will work typographically with numbers and some sort of humorous color association dealing with the SPF (Sun Protection Factor) and its direct correlation to intensity of sunburn. The humorous aspect of this concept will also be worked in to the 'ritual of consumption' as the user interacts and reacts to this package design. I have really dived in to the research of SPF and the true function of sunscreen as well as working towards the humor and experience, but here is a take at some rough progress...

a look at the variables that play into SPF and a break down of its time sensitivity.
the bottom screen capture gives a more finished look to the crop of the number, also working with extreme scale-- working in the 'SPF' in "fine print" as a sort of discovery as the user picks up the product and wonders what it is. Also, I came across the idea of "Overtime" or "OT" and how that could be worked in as after sun/burn lotion. The whole idea is starting to play out, but I do not think it will be concrete until I resolve the humor issue and what exactly that will target.

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