Monday, March 29, 2010

P2: The Persuasive Experience | Final Product + Statement

The evolution of this branding project is quite remarkable and I am very satisfied with my end result. The fact that we were to fully develop this brand with a target consumer and competition in mind created a holistic brand with a developed experience that creates true meaning with the consumer. I feel the branding was successful in appealing to the target consumer through the utilization of the numbering system and becomes relateable with the task through humorous copy and color palette. This creates the experience for the user; relating the numbers to sports and time, the length of time before you are sunburned. The ritual of consumption continues with the humorous text poking fun at sunburns being "as red as..." as well as the diagram displaying the time 'restrictions' for each sunblock and its respective spf. The use of more traditional sunblock bottles further supports my brand and I embraced these forms with typography contour and the minimal color palette that give notion to the white, generic-ness of the containers. I thoroughly enjoyed this project and the implementation of the branding into phase 2 will round out the experiential aspect for the consumer. For the latter part of this project I have plans to photograph my products in context; I am considering a park, outdoor sporting event, or sand pit-- since we do not have a beach near by; may be a nice excuse for a vacation? So, here is a look at the final product, enjoy!

In prequel to the finished designs, here is another look at my research panels:
consumer research (above)
comparable audit (above)
 visual research/inspiration (above)

Final Product:

Some process documentation as well...

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