Monday, March 22, 2010

P2: The Persuasive Experience | More Push

I have began to work my design in to cohesive front and back elements, as well as, playing with the addition of second and third colors. I felt that the piece needed more color since i have decided to stick to the white background in reference to the traditional sunblock bottle. I also decided to take the route of the digital clock/scoreboard numbers due to their relevance in sports, and they also relate to the time element taking place in my 'experience' with the product. However, last night I was contemplating the true relevance of this the digital numbers really pertain to outdoor recreation and sports? This is where I find myself contemplating the outcome, and unfortunately, it is pretty late in the game to be doing so...I have hopes of resolving the relevancy by justification or another similar route that may be as simple as ridding the clock/scoreboard reference as the main driver of the brand.

Below I have begun work with color and establishing cohesiveness from front to back. As far as color variation, I started working with orange in reference to the sun and its elements but have more recently found myself working towards skin tones that effectively contrast the red. I am also working with a black tint to display the more secondary information that, again, displays effective contrast in value from the other primary colors.

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