Thursday, March 4, 2010

P2: The Persuasive Experience | Research Panels

Based upon the project brief I developed for my product, I began researching the consumer, comparable (competition), and inspiration. Below is a look an explanation of what my research entails.

adult 18-65 & children 2-17, active/outdoors person, no racial specification. Parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers, sisters; non-specific to income. However, when marketed it may pertain to a more specific audience; active/outdoors/sports enthusiast, and possible designed towards both adults and children.

from sophisticated to playful and friendly, similar form (squeeze bottle). Practical display of information, contrasting cool and warm color palettes, focus groups; adult, child, oil-free, sensitive skin, etc. There is also stress of being ‘mess free’ or ‘no rub’, essentially communicating a carefree experience.

 these 3 additional panels above also include some inspirational pieces

 visually I looked for bold designs according to form and color palette, as well as, being environmentally friendly and natural. Of course there is emphasis on what ‘looks good’ but also I searched for designs with meaning and impact; creating an experience beyond use. 


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