Friday, March 12, 2010

T4 Conference Communication System | Theme Analysis

*Tom was not able to make it to class this morning (wisdom teeth out yesterday), so this is just my take on our theme. We plan on meeting over break to go over these questions as a group so our answers may differ slightly from what is here.

-- as a designer, would you pay money to attend this conference? why or why not?

As a designer I would pay money to attend this conference because our field is constantly changing and it is always a race to be a part of the latest technology and innovative movement. We are constantly looking for the most innovative and clever ways to communicate, and it would be very interesting to see this idea of communication pushed to the limit.

-- does the theme invite multiple interpretations and an interesting range of possible talks, workshops, etc? 

The overall theme does offer multiple interpretations and it definitely reaches out to several areas within typography and design. It can range from readability, legibility, and typeface design to a breakdown of communication from several professional viewpoints and implementation of theories to experimental processes. These ideas can be put in to practice during the conference much in the way we approached our type experiments with the exception of being a more condensed timeframe. Basically this whole conference can turn in to a large scale typographic experiment. Some research and brainstorming are still needed; however, there are several directions to be taken within the conference theme.

-- is the theme suitable for contemporary and forward-looking design practice?

As the theme stands right now, it is suitable for contemporary and forward-looking design practice as it is challenging the norms and exploring new and innovative techniques. This conference will educated attendees on the latest innovations in communication and typographic design. However, this idea is not mainstream but could have the possible potential, but I do feel it is reinventing the mundane typography that appears in communication today.

-- what could improve the theme?

Our theme could improve with additional research on communication practices and theories and likewise for visual language; once we have an idea of what exactly is being practiced and what is out there, we can better form the scope of out conference. As far as appeal, I think we can improve slightly and we can do so by providing a broader array of design; having the foundation be typography but use the addition of workshop and discussions about iconicity, symbols, and signs, representation and metaphor, experimental book binding, etc. I also think incorporating design education within out conference could not only appeal to more academic professionals but give another realm for these ideas to be practiced in. We also need to consider how to develop an appropriate identity to encompass this big idea so that it appeals to the masses.

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