Thursday, March 11, 2010

T4 Conference Communication System | Theme

Communicating with Type

We have much to say in our world. The internet is full of text to read, newspapers are becoming obsolete, digital communication is changing right before our eyes.How effectively are we communicating today? Are people really reading what we write? Are there new ways to capture peoples attention with type in our over saturated, fast-paced world that will still be meaningful and get results?

Spend three days on a retreat with some of the best minds in design, multimedia and communications and hear how type can speak in ways you never thought possible. Discover visual language theories and how they apply to experimental type, with these views you will discover the balancing act of aesthetics and logical techniques and determine whether the push for being visually stimulating has gone too far.  Try workshops in experimental type design, and discuss whether experimental approaches enhance or hinders the message. Hear mind blowing statistics from professional psychologists and researchers in the field of communications and get inspired in your own type design and image making. This conference will open new doors of typographic implementation and innovation, it will break free of the over saturated, fast paced world and bring meaning to you work both aesthetically and intuitively.

Tom and I will be working collaboratively on this project, developing all visuals and identity system work. As we work through the details of our theme this description may be subject to slight revision.

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