Friday, March 26, 2010

T4 Conference | Concept Map + Timeline

At the end of two weeks this is the direction I arrived at for my concept map and timeline. As you can see I put more emphasis on the brainstorming of every element needed for a typography conference as well as the relationships they establish with each other. The toughest part of this design challenge was being able to display all the relationships and have them be within a certain proximity of each other so that it does not become a tangled mess. With this in consideration, I decided to develop most of the relationship on a broader subject level and from their it can be determined what relationships are established. From a hierarchy standpoint I feel I could have played with the scale and weight of the arrows to indicate main ideas and their subcategories better. The color scheme works with the idea that everything is related in some form or another, and the division based up the color tints displays the separate larger ideas.
Pertaining to the timeline, I took an approach of dividing it our in to months before and after the conference as well as displaying the 4 days during the conference. The main idea is there but the relationship of scale is not, I would like to re-work it so that the days are obviously 'zoomed' in and we are taking a closer look inside of the months. The timeline in my design served as a secondary guiding element to the brainstorming, determining when certain pieces should begin, develop, and end.

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