Friday, March 26, 2010

T4 Conference | Concept Revision; Theme, Description, Interaction

Tom and I have met and revised our language, written a new theme description and given the event a new name:

Experiement - Learn - Create

Does advertising have to be mere type on a page making messages that we instantly understand or can it be abstract, have multiple meanings and have greater impact and aesthetic quality? ArtType is a one of a kind Type Expo in the mountains, a get away experience where you can retreat, unwind and explore the wonderful world of experimental typography away from the business and clutter of the norm. Join professionals and amateurs, get outside and be inspired for four days of play, instruction and making of beautiful letterforms that speak volumes.

The conference will address four levels of interaction:

1. People and the environment - they will spend time on their own outside drawing from nature and being inspired in the quiet and peaceful atmosphere of the mountains. They will have instruction while out there. They may only take analogue methods of recording information.

2. People by themselves
They will get to spend time outside away from cell phones, laptops and noise. Being on their own will stir up all kinds of craziness.

4. People and conference speakers - the delegates will interact with the speakers by listening to their recorded messages on mp3 or tape. They will listen to the messages and make notes in a specially printed journal.

3. People and other conference delegates
They will bring their meditations, creative ideas and thoughts back to a small group where each group will be chaired by a facilitator. There they will share ideas and do experiments. At various points in the conference, groups will switch up and there will be main events where facilitators will share learned experiences and practical examples of work.

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