Sunday, March 28, 2010

T4 Conference | Identity + Artifact Exploration

Beginning work for the identity I reflected on the brainstorming session Tom and I had last week, picking up on key terms and ideas. We have a strong emphasis on interaction which we broke in to 4 major groups (1) interaction with self (2) interaction with others/collaboration (3) interaction with speakers (4) interaction with the environment.  These 4 areas are explained in further detail in the previous post, but the main idea from these 4 is that the attendees ultimately "make or break" the conference, its function relies on their strong participation versus the passiveness of typical conferences.

Tom and I are looking to portray a strong contrast from the clutter and chaos of the every day design/advertising saturated world. Our approach is more 'zen-like' breaking free from the clutter and jumble of information and into something that is rejuvenating, fresh, and novel. An open, airy design with custom typography should do the trick.

  • renew
  • rejuvenate
  • fresh
  • relief
  • release
  • meditate
  • experimental
  • subjective
  • above/next, higher level
  • expanse
  • calm
  • smooth
Our World
  • clutter
  • cloud
  • chaos
  • masses
  • over-used
  • superficial
  • stereo-type
  • objective
  • artificial- narrow
  • par
  • over-saturation
  • crowded room


a look at foundation typefaces and color palettes that exemplify our conference personality.

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