Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Info Arch P2: The Collection | Info Graphics Sketches

With the ideas worked out in class last week as well as ones developed over the past couple of days I have developed some rough digital sketches of potential information graphics. I began brainstorming some of the not so obvious ideas to portray in these graphics and from there I chose what I felt to be the most intriguing. I took in to account very specific ideas as well as more broad and humorous ideas. Below is a look at my brainstorm and sketches, enjoy!


1. a more humorous approach on what to do with the cards in the collection that I don't like so much...level out that stubborn uneven table in your dining room.
2. the second rather humorous approach...pin the card in your spokes and it makes a pretty awesome sound as you ride the streets.
 3. an analysis of sport popularity, whats hot, whats not. This has the potential to go as far as a global survey hence the shape.
 4. a comparison of the amount of cards within the collection that are liked and disliked. It also extends to a more concise ranking of each card, first to last.
 5. a look at the 'superstars' and 'enforcers' in the collection, their information pertains to goals scored and penalty minutes respectively. This has the potential of many comparisons whether it is superstar to superstar, or enforcer to superstar.
 6. this idea takes a look at career span through the decades, this could be specialized to the most significant players and their careers, or it could feature all.
 7. looking at player nationality and birthplace and viewing commonalities of country, region, etc.
 8. viewing the collection more as a whole with this graphic, breaking down by player how many cards of present for each. This could also feature card production company facts, print date and number, etc.
 9. playing with scale and foreground/background I envision displaying the popularity of jersey numbers from the players in my collection, possibly distinguishing each players team as well.

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