Friday, April 2, 2010

Info Arch P2: The Collection | Intro + Categorization

The Collection | NHL Trading Cards

This collection recollects my childhood was in the making for about 5-6 years. Although I do not avidly collect anymore, it is something I still enjoy looking back on and updating this collection. In regards to the idea of a collection site revolving around information graphics I saw this collection as being very applicable and able to be developed in numerous ways. I also saw it as a nice piece for personal expression, to give some personal insight.

 Before working in groups during class I began to brainstorm possible areas to explore in regards to information graphics and how the site could evolve. I have begun my brainstorming based around about 25 cards out of the 150 or so that make up the entire collection. After meeting in groups I have considered the possibility of expanding my collection beyond 25, therefore expanding the range of information displayed. I also took in to consideration whether the this site pertains directly and solely to the information displayed on the cards or if the information goes beyond, dealing with the actual team and player. In relation to going beyond the card I feel that idea related to the activity of card collecting, the cards are keepsakes, you keep them because you like the player or team and they hold some sort of sentimental value.

Some brainstorming ideas...
production company
card worth
career length
record (W/T/L)
# of trades - travel
location - player - card - team
popularity - personal - mass public
jersey number
left or right handed
card issue date
seasons covered
nationality - country/city born in
card number

From these ideas, as a group Micah and I formulated some categorization structuring these ideas under 3 broader categories.

The 2 overarching themes Micah and I developed were the ideas of tracking with an emphasis on the 'trading' aspect dealing with the player, team, trades, etc. We also arrived at an idea taking a more personal approach in creating a ranking system dealing with personal preference, taste, and style of the cards and players.

Base upon these structures some new ideas surfaces that take the portrayal of the collection beyond and take a subjective approach.

I am taking in to consideration:
- Repeats within the collection
- Personal preference - card style - teams - player - like/dislike
- Year - card/player
- Location
- Uses (practical/ functional vs. humorous) implement like/dislike
- card style -foil/photoshop trickery
- personal popularity ranking

I plan on re-working these structures as well as further exploring the 'out of the ordinary' information that can be displayed. As well as refining the collection to further exploit these ideas and determining whether the collection should be more concise or broad.

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