Saturday, April 3, 2010

LIVESTRONG Army KC | Tour de BBQ Poster Concept Idea

Based upon the above panels that I presented and the feedback from our first meeting I have come up with a solid concept; however it could still use a bit more development and configuration. I took points discussed during the meeting pertaining to my initial ideas and in a way came up with a concept that embraces all of those ideas.

In my initial brainstorming I found a strong emphasis on unity from my personal relation and others with the LIVESTRONG message. In my thought process I wanted to work on conveying the power and meaning behind the message with a balance of the celebration and sport of the event.

From the panels I began to explore just exactly what this event is all about, what is the message being conveyed and how can I display the power and meaning of that message. I began throwing around the ideas of it being about the bike and the circular, forward motion it performs, revolutions; this brought into sight the idea of unity and the possibility of playing with the bike as a form, part or whole. I liked the idea of movement as it relates to the cycle as well as the 'movement' LIVESTRONG has created; it pays homage to the regional, national, and global outreach. From there the idea evolved to where I reside now...

The Road
Ultimately it is all about the road, from the cycling aspect to the more serious aspect of cancer and the LIVESTRONG message of hope, inspiration, strength, and empowerment. I see this as an idea that has a dual purpose as stated above as well as a playful nature to it in terms of the 'road being your canvas' and I really like the idea of playing off sidewalk chalk, the chalkbot, and the chalk boards we discussed during the meeting and the messages that can be  conveyed in that medium. I feel the chalk will be very relatable and approachable which will add a lightness to the design. I am not only passionate about this concept but I feel it portrays the empowering traits of the event and  the 'road' has multiple connotations such as journey, freedom, and hope and can be very significant in that manner. In that light I also thought of illustrating an intersection to implement crosswalks as well as the idea of a 'turning point' in relation to the journey, hope, and freedom.

To display these ideas aesthetically I would really like to bring in the texture of not only the road itself but also chalk, road lines, shadows, and anything else that may relate to leaving your mark. I have a vision of creating this composition in a aerial or birds-eye view so that I can play with the forms of the road and will allow for multiple messages to be displayed, for instance, I have considered playing with the idea of a crosswalks being redefined in reference to the containment and substance of the marks that make up a crosswalk, this could also be applied to road lines, the sidewalk, cyclist and their shadows, etc. With the idea of elements making up a whole, this alludes to the idea of foundation and building blocks. These plays on form can further instill the message and will make for a very engaging piece.With these forms and textures I see them being interchangeable as we move towards the 2nd poster pertaining more to the bbq and the pit stops; keeping the same large elements but changing up texture and such.

Here are some rough sketches below, just working on getting some compositional ideas out...

I also did more direct visual research shown below

I hope this gives you an idea as to what I am going for and I will be avidly posting my progress as it will be a great way for everyone to see what I am doing and have the opportunity for immediate response/feedback. So, with that I have open ears to any and all feedback on my direction, aesthetic, and imagery ideas so please feel free to comment on this post, send me an email, or give me a call. I plan on getting started immediately on elements of the design that will ultimately create the composition, so the quicker the feedback the better, thanks!

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