Sunday, April 4, 2010

P2: The Persuasive Experience Part 2 | Print + Web Campaign

I have to say, I had an absolute blast completing this part of the project! It was a really good experience to see a brand through an entire campaign and not just stop at the branding and packaging. It really allowed me to focus in even more on my consumer and considering all aspects of the brand itself.

Also, considering all the environments the branding campaign would appear weighed heavy handed on my decisions, especially when it came to creating the web page and separate banner for I also took considerations when choosing the magazine the full-page advertisement would appear in, I chose sports illustrated magazine due to its broad sports and recreation oriented audience. It may lean towards the middle-aged male but I felt it was also a magazine youth and even women would read from time to time. I had first considered ESPN magazine but after some thought I realized that it leaned very heavily to the middle-aged male.

So, here is a look at the entire campaign from print advertisement to web page and banner, enjoy!
With the print piece I decided to play up the "as red as" humor and continue the direct relation of red and sunburn with the intense red and white contrast color palette. I also played on the humor of the lobster further emphasizing the point as well as adding in the time piece consistently to that of the packaging with the added tag line "the clock is ticking."(above)

With the banner and web page I wanted to extend the brand and give the consumer a real sense of environment and develop more personality in that way. I stuck with the color palette and created a clean, simple landing page that is easy to navigate. Here I took the liberty of extending the "ritual of consumption" by considering links on the page that would pertain to the consumers local area in respect to the UV index as well as getting active. This would include possible links to community sites and other users posting events and such to the Acme Life page. Also, there is the opportunity for the consumer to create and submit their very own "as red as" advertisement for possible use in publications or on the product line itself.

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