Monday, April 12, 2010

P2: The Persuasive Experience Part 2 | Print + Web Campaign Revisions

I took part of the weekend to develop revises for some of my campaign, specifically I payed most attention to the website and cnn web banner. Most changes were minor but I felt they furthered the message and meaning of my branding. I also gave attention to details in typography hierarchy of image and type, and correcting photos. Enjoy!

With the web page I decided to refine the type treatment of the navigation and body information as well as hierarchy of the advertisement interaction, I felt it should pop to the viewer considering this is the home page.
cnn web banner
The approach to revising the web banner was to make the type not only larger but something that would grab the user and be easy to interpret. So, I enlarged the font size on both sets of copy, played with color, and made the logotype tertiary to the body text and image. With this image I decided to crop it even further than before to give the viewer an "ah ha" moment of the full product line and what exactly the brand is.

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