Wednesday, April 14, 2010

P3: The Poetic Experience | Design Concept

 When posed with the problem of creating a functional map intertwined with a poetic experience I fumbled pretty quick as these are two values that you would not typically, from first judgment, see as partners working together to gain a successful solution. Based upon lectures and such, the poetic experience is one that stimulates the imagination and intelligence; the user experiences richness and meaning. To begin the project. I made the walk from the design building to the Nelson Shuttlecocks and took note of routes that could be taken and whether that should be specified or whether it should be up to the user what path to take. Creating a map is fairly straight forward and I found it difficult to add in a poetic element as I often found my ideas only working on part of the way to the shuttlecocks or while they were being viewed in the premise of the Nelson. So I have been searching for an experience that would embrace the environment as a whole; from start to finish.

I have decided to create a map that incorporates a step by step discovery method in order to find your way to the shuttlecocks, similar to a treasure map. So, I am considering creating an "I Spy"-like book that will work with tight crops of images with die-cut reveals that will showcase texture and color. I am also working on limerick-like copy that will guide the viewer in conjunction with the images.


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