Monday, April 26, 2010

P3: The Poetic Experience | Mock Up + User Test 01

Mock-up 01 | User Test 01
Here is a look at the first mock up layout for my poetic approach to finding the Shuttlecocks at the Nelson. My approach does not directly reference a map; however, the landmarks act as check points and a visual map to the Shuttlecocks even though they are not directly linked to each other.

Based upon the user feedback I got from this first approach there is some work to do revising imagery and the addition of introduction text. Some of the imagery seemed to be too abstract to the point that it was taken out of context. I plan on revisiting these ones to imply more context/environment without losing the abstract nature.

user evaluation, highlighted with the main points taken into consideration for revisions. (above)

A special thanks to Kate Morr for being 'victim #1' in my poetic experience.

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