Monday, April 26, 2010

P3: The Poetic Experience | Mock Up + User Test 02

Mock-up 02 | User Test 02
Based upon the feedback from the first user test I made some revisions to hopefully correct some of the initial issues. I am still mostly focusing on content and imagery at this point, the look and feel is still being developed and I hope to integrate it soon. With this second round I made some revisions to imagery and content, focusing on withholding the abstract nature but still keeping the context/environment in consideration.

From the second user test it appears that I have resolved some of the imagery issues as things went very smoothly. Except it seems that the tulips I photographed are no longer there, they are simply stems and leaves. Looks like someone wasn't too keen of me photographing them, hopefully the grow back! There is still some work to be made in finding the right crops through the view finder as well as for the entire image. However, both users seemed to enjoy the enrichment the abstract, puzzling images brought to the experience. I also inserted some color images (only in consideration of cost) into this mock up and the definitely make the difference.

 user evaluation, highlighted with the main points taken into consideration for further revisions and development. (above)

a look at some of the revisions taking place regarding imagery (above)
a few of my artfully crafted "eye spy" limericks (above)

A special thanks to Bethany Ediger for being 'victim #2' in my poetic experience.

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