Thursday, April 8, 2010

T4 Conference | Artifact Identification

Here is a look at our artifacts, the list may be short but they are going to be chunky artifacts...

Sketch Book / Journal: To record thoughts during lectures, discussions, and talks. It will be a place to gather inspiration as well as to provide the user with think points and questions to get interaction started with the pre-recorded lectures. We have strong emphasis on the environment and minimal printed material so we have considered having the journal be all inclusive of the conference materials. It might include speaker bios, schedules, map, possibly personalized and pockets for storage.

Animation: Logotype to be used in various mediums such as website, projection, signage, youtube (viral advertising), and welcome; this piece will be used for promotion, informational signage, and to establish branding of the environment. This will be stop motion piece and will reference the analog nature of our conference.

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