Sunday, April 25, 2010

T4 Conference | Criticism


  1. I really like what you and Tom have done with the poster. This was the artifact that stood out to me personally. I think the man made objects transitioning to the organic plants is very interesting and helps speak to the title regarding a lab. Chemistry comes to mind for some reason. However I agree with what was said during your presentation about the amount of text that was included. I think there could be a little less information.

    I also really enjoy how you used the process of creating the poster, and turned it into a very nice motion piece.

  2. I have to say, I really enjoyed your guys' work. If I saw this, I would immediately be attracted to it, and it would be something I would want to attend. So far, the your finished artifacts are quite clean, and I think utilizing your awesome analog logotype was a great path to go. Within the logotype alone, I automatically see a direct connection from your combined type experiments. You guys went through a lot of process trying to find the balance, once again, of legibility and uniqueness. And the digital renditions of your logotype were great, but I think this analog version is much more sensational and speaks more. For your poster, I really like that it's showcased nicely. I think some of the pieces could be signifiers and help direct information rather than having it underneath.

    The motion piece was a great artifact to include! I really enjoyed it because it not only showed the process of how this logotype was made, but was also just entertaining because you gave life to these inanimate objects through stop-motion. I agree with some of the other students in that some of the opening for speakers could be varied and possibly a little shorter. It might be interesting to do an accelerated version of your stop-motion piece along with this real-time version.

    The book was a great way to combine all extra pieces of printed material into one form. I really like that the user won't have to carry all sorts of papers and folders and booklets and that it is just combined within one artifact. The book was very tight and clean, which I think helps see the consistency throughout your artifacts. I'm not a huge fan of the cover if I remember correctly. haha. Other than some small things, again NICE WORK! These are definitely strong pieces for the both of you.