Sunday, April 25, 2010

T4 Conference | Final Artifacts + Statement

The Theme:
Typelab this year is themed with electrical, synthetic components juxtaposed with organic, natural matter like plants, twigs and flowers. The logotype is built this way to show the inspiration which can come from immersing oneself in the created order plus collaborating with others in the busyness of technological 21 century living. Time at the conference will be broken up into times of quiet outside and times of busy experimenting. As abstract as it is, the themed logotype is poetic and persuasive.

Visual Identity:
The visual identity for Typelab was developed through the culmination of type experiments created earlier in the semester by Tom and I. Given the theme of our conference the two styles work well together in creating the visual identity. The contrast of the two experiments supports the theme and its two sided nature. This is reinforced by the geometric subtraction and the organic free flowing negative type which withholds the digital versus analog character of our conference. It is further reinforce in the analog constructed logotype of electronics and natural, organic matter.

Typelab Animation:
The main "trailer" promoting the conference consists of the logotype rendered in electronic parts and wires contrasting leaves, vines, and twigs; it also features the keynote speakers and date of the conference. The animation is constructed in a stop-motion fashion further emphasizing the analog development and nature of the conference. Although highly persuasive in nature, it also plays a poetic role in playing out what the conference is all about. The animation was created to be used on multiple platforms; websites, blogs, and emails, it can also be altered to be shown at the conference.

Keynote Speaker Lecture Intros:
The looping lecture introductions feature elements from the main animation; utilizing the name entrance and establishing a tighter, unique crop of the frame. The title of the lecture also appears on the animation in a clear fashion. This piece serves a practical purpose as it acts not only as an intro but also a way-finding device, although the poetic aspects play secondary.

The Journal (Tom)
A 104 page book for writing thoughts, notes, and ideas. The Journal is extremely practical giving a home to the conference schedule, a map of the conference center and questions for reflection.

Conference Poster (Tom)
This would be printed for the conference only and be delivered to the event. It would be sold at the event to raise money for the event and is purely poetic as a collectors piece for the conference attendees.

Style Guide:

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