Tuesday, April 6, 2010

T4 Conference | Identity Explorations

Recently Tom and I have been exploring identity concepts for our type conference: TypeLab. Both of us are in agreement of establishing a solid identity concept before moving on to develop the artifacts for the conference. Once we develop a solid identity the artifacts should fall into place; however, we are keeping in mind what we would like to produce and how as far as artifacts go.

Most recently we have arrived at displaying the strong contrast of the conference itself in relation to others and the saturated design/media world. Our idea incorporates both of our experimental methods, working with "Type" in Tom's style and "Lab" in mine. With this we are trying to communicate the contrast, in this case we are going for rigid, industrial, geometric in contrast with organic, free flowing, and more nature-like. The plan is to combine the two words and their styles to see what kind of marks we can create; something that shows the contrast but also works well together and is balanced. We have shared files and plan on working out some some directions for later this week and hopefully arrive at a final. Here is a look at what I have produced so far on my side, some of them I plan on working out a bit more and seeing how far they can be pushed.

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