Thursday, April 22, 2010

T4 Conference | Logotype + Stop Motion Shoot 2

Tom and I took another stab at the logotype and stop motion, this time working to get a really good quality image and strong contrast. In this round we definitely achieved this, the various greens of the leaves and a strong contrast to the rigid gray/blue parts and pieces. I am really satisfied with this shoot as we came up with some very clean images that emphasize the logotype.

We have constructed storyboards for the stop motion, with this we plan on featuring the speakers, when, and where. This will act as a trailer or 'teaser' for our conference and could be very versatile in its placement (i.e. website, email, digital screen, etc.). These other elements will take the form of vector type but they will imitate the form/path the various objects take within the stop motion. Tom and I are also exploring the use of these elements and crop of these elements in our journal and other conference material. If time allows we are also considering implementing the logotype into poster form. This sort of discovery we arrive with this idea is quite nice and I am very excited about it, it really speaks to our conference concept and what it is all about.

some of the other elements we are considering for the journal and such...

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