Sunday, April 11, 2010

T4 Conference | Near Final Identity

Well, we have gotten together and worked out the near-final logotype, color palette, and supplemental typefaces. Based on feedback in class tomorrow we will move forward and develop the final identity, color and all.

We have chosen the blue color scheme because of its relation to the context of our conference. It has qualities of nature and environment as well as electricity/industry which relate directly to the contrast we are trying to portray. It also has reflective qualities, a color of thought, ideas, and revelation.

The chosen typeface is Trade Gothic, we were going for a face that would compliment the logotype and context of the conference but not overwhelm or contract from it. We were going for a minimalist, simplistic approach and with the different styles within the face family we can develop sufficient contrast and attraction with body copy, heads, sub-heads, etc.

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