Thursday, May 6, 2010

Info Arch P2: The Collection | More Design Progress

Right now I am working on tightening up the navigation as well as the hierarchy within the body of the page. Once this is established I plan on moving into Flash to begin creating a functional navigation. This is just a look at my nav and some of the sorting layouts I have worked out, it is getting close!

I have increased the scale of the cards and I feel they work a lot more dynamically in the space and create more visual interest as well as improve hierarchy. I am also playing with the section title, whether it bleeds into the nav or not; it creates a nice scale change and draws more to the body of the page rather than the nav. I am also referencing the gridded structure of the nav with the containment of the copy on the main page. (above)

How the layout is developing on some of the other pages. I am working to develop some constistency with placement and such through each page. (above)

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