Tuesday, May 4, 2010

P3: The Poetic Experience | Final Design Artifact

A look at my finished final artifact for the Poetic Experience...with my concept I decided to veer away from the idea of the standard map format and go with something that was more intuitive to the experience and what the journey is all about. I decided to place emphasis upon the landmarks and sights of nature you see along the way that help the user navigate from point A to point B. Although, given the objective/medium of this project, the poetic experience was a bit difficult to interpret at first. But the idea easily came together after some pondering and contemplating, as well as discovering the inner poet within me.

As a refresher, my idea plays emphasis on what you see, taking on a bit of an "I Spy" motif utilizing a viewfinder and revealing abstract crops of full color, high contrast images. This idea is driven by limericks that serve as clues to get the user from one landmark/sight to another and eventually to see all four Shuttlecocks. Enjoy!

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