Sunday, June 6, 2010

Kauffman Mural Project | April Site Visit & Summer Painting Preview

Well better late than never, but I decided to give somewhat of an introduction to the Kauffman Mural project that we will be producing this summer. As a collaborative of designers and painters we conceptualized, mocked up, proposed, and finalized over this past Spring semester. During this time we had several meetings with the architect Moshe Safdie, and made some site visits to view real magnitude of the medium we will be working with.

So, here is a look at our latest site visit near the end of April in which we finally got a look at some of the near final walls and treatments we will be working with. We also met with a couple of Safdie's right-hand man, Issac to preview the final mock ups and designs we planned to propose to Safdie.

After some snags in the initial deadline, we are beginning the painting process of the 14th of this month, with some measuring and planning to take place near the end of this week. I plan to post weekly, maybe even daily progress of our painting once things get going. So, until then feel free to check out these articles by one of KC's local magazine, Present magazine; their writer, Tom Ryan has been following us every step of the way.

Safdie + KCAI Sixteen: Part One....Part Two

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