Tuesday, August 31, 2010

MX | Persona & Community Poster Sketches

For this part of the project Abby and I decided to work independently on the sketches to see what unique ideas each of us can pull together, we did bounce some ideas off each other but for the most part took our own perspectives and ran with them.

The four concept sketches I came up with really tried to capture the personality of our activity, thus better defining out community.

The first works with the unique signage elements and shapes that could be worked into headlines and subheads and provide a very nice visual element.

The second gives reference to the happy hour and 'specials' chalkboards that always seem to be present at the smaller, privately owned restaurants and bars; this options could allow us to work with bring in our own character and really get that well-worn aesthetic.

The third works with something similar to the chalkboards and give reference to the history dive restaurants hold, writing on the walls; this would be the backdrop for the posters and our information would be visually receding from the wall.

The fourth works with the environment, a view inside the establishment as the information is revealed on the window in a sort of transparent way as if it were annotating the environment with call-outs and directionals.

To the right of the sketches is some brainstorming of potential brand names for our community, we are not really satisfied with 'dive hunting' and are hoping we can find more of the dive lingo to use in a playful and clever way. I also started listing keywords that relate to our activity to get a better sense of the personality and to possibly spark some ideas.

MX | Visual Research: The More the Merrier

In the process of doing sketches for our posters that will represent the individual (persona) and the community, I came across some more imagery. These photos have a focus on more of the atmosphere and personality that I think we are going for. Enjoy!

MX | Community Model Push

I have worked on tweaking our model to better communicate our idea of a community. Mostly working visually, trying to distinguish overlaps and relationships as well as depth and dimension when it comes to individual contribution. We plan to work on catering our ideas to a more 'overview' like model so that each piece of the community will be defined so that designers can use this as a tool in their own work.

MX | Visual Research: 'Dive' Community

To start to get a feel for the aesthetic of our posters and essentially our community, Abby and I have started doing some visual research. I based my search off the quirky, well-worn, vintage look and feel that would be perceived from a hole-in-the-wall restaurant / bar. I took a queue from signage and the building aesthetic as well as the idea of 'happy hour' and menus / specials being displayed interchangeably. Here is a look at what I have so far...

Monday, August 30, 2010

DSN SYS | Public Bike Share System

For the semester, in Design Systems, I will be working to research, develop, and implement a branding strategy for a public bike share system. There has been a wide-spread population of these systems in European countries, and they are more recently beginning to take root in the United States. These systems are implemented within the community in hopes of reducing auto congestion and emissions, and increasing physical and environmental health.

With my branding approach I am hoping to exploit some areas the other systems may not have hit on, time and research will tell...more to come!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

MX | P01: Community Model

Based upon our interpretation and integration of both the reading, Phychological Sense of Community: Theory of McMillan & Chavis and the community diagram created by Elizabeth Dori Tunstall, we created our very own Community Model.

We pulled from each, the reading and the diagram, what we felt was most important and fit in best within our community idea. Thus, we are attempting to create the ideal community for our demographic; below is a look at the final model as well as some process of how we got to the finished piece.

This features a small prototype for our community model; we also went through our mind-map and found things we thought were important in which we created a list of items to be featured in the model. The "individual" and the "community" bubbles will be covered in the paragraph we drafted as part of our written community proposal.

MX | P01: Community / Model Brainstorm & Research

Last week Abby and I teamed up to create our community project, after some deliberation we arrive at the activity of 'diving hunting' or 'dive finding'– basically creating a community surrounded by the idea of finding the best & worst hole-in-the-wall restaurants and bars. It is definitely going to be an exciting project as we both view it as a pretty unique opportunity.

So this weekend Abby and I began researching and brainstorming for our community, we also mind-mapped our community model and catered it to our community of 'Dive Finders'.

Brainstorm & Research:

With the research we took the following in to consideration: Physical Boundaries, Who / What's Involved, Equipment Needs, Demographics, Individual Wants / Needs, Community Wants / Needs, Symbols, and Motivations.

Featured are some photos of our brainstorming process:

Community Model Brainstorm:

Based upon the content of the reading, Phychological Sense of Community: Theory of McMillan & Chavis as well as the community diagram created by Elizabeth Dori Tunstall, we brainstormed the following for out community...

Agency: (user generated content)
-multimedia sharing
-"trusts" reviews

-user to user
-user to friends
-user to establishment
-establishment to community

Life Goals:
-Useful ratings (trust)
-defining "good"/"bad"/"ugly"
-finding "your spot"
-best food/drink
-info database

Organizational Structure:
- #1 is user contribution
    -"trusted" user
    -user location
-popularity/majority rules

Historical Consciousness:
-history of establishment
-discovery story/first impressions

Boundaries- location, budget, age, transportation, building access, food/drink genre, dress code
Emotional safety- "trusted" user, honest reviews
Sense of Belonging- atmosphere, cultural diversity
establishment aesthetic, created by our community

-rating system
-photo/video uploads

Integration and Fulfillment of Needs:
-good hangout (atmosphere)/ rating system, user generated content
-good food and drink/rating system, user generated content
-entertainment/rating system, user generated content
-support local economy/ location
-meet new people and find new places/ profiles and establishments
-comfort and reliability/ rating system, user generated content

Shared Emotional Connection:
-participate in rating/visiting dives
-establishment to community

Thursday, August 26, 2010

LIVESTRONG Army KC | Summer work for the Tour de BBQ

Over the summer my work for the LIVESTRONG Army of Kansas City has continued; notably I have created a jersey design for the 2010 Tour de BBQ as well as the 2nd of 3 posters that features the bbq rest stops on the tour. I have also been working with Chad Milam at MB+B to refine the website, produced an html email template to be sent out to our database, iPhone wallpapers, and a full-page bleed advertisement for Kansas City Fitness Magazine.

More recently we had the Kansas City Wizards soccer team reach out to us wanting to get more involved. The start of our partnership consisted of a player meet+greet and soccer clinic for kids that have had or have been effected by cancer. It was an incredible day with lots of smiling faces from kids that really needed a break from reality.

The Tour de BBQ is nearly a month away and we have a lot of exciting things in motion, my work with them will continue through out the fall.

So without further adieu, here is a look at what I have been doing all summer, enjoy!

Poster 2.0

2010 Tour de BBQ Official Jersey

 iPhone Wallpapers
Kansas City Fitness Magazine


KC Wizards Soccer Clinic [8-6-10]