Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Kauffman Mural Project | Week 05, 06, + 07

Ok, I have been really behind with this, so this is me catching you up. It has been over 3 weeks since my last update and we have had a lot go on. From the mural itself to interviews from a magazine and the Kansas City Star as well as video interviews that are being produced by a videographer hired by KCAI.
As of August 2nd we are VERY close to completion; each balcony is either finished or being painted in and from here we move to touch-ups and sealer in each. We have been climbing scaffolding to reach the 16 ft ceilings in the upper balconies while the others on the bottom floor enjoy the AC. It is still somewhat of a shock to see what we are doing at such a large scale but it seems to sink in just a little bit more each day. And as each day passes we see more and more how it is all coming together to be such a grand piece of art. Enjoy!

WEEK 05: [july 12-16]

WEEK 06: [july 19-23]

WEEK 07: [july 26-30]

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