Tuesday, August 24, 2010

MX | An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube

WOW! Michael Wesch is a genius, this presentation was absolutely incredible, it has opened my eyes up to so much. I suppose what clouded my judgment about sites such as YouTube and their content was the sort of stereotypical thought that they are full of comedy and nonsense. Wesch definitely disproves this point, there is a real, meaningful, and valuable community being established. It opens up an entirely new avenue of "linking people in ways never linked before" and the ability to "collaborate across time and space". This last point is particularly interested as he mentioned collaborating with someone halfway across the world while producing one of his videos. These new forms of community that are emerging are truly fascinating and it is amazing to see how the values of traditional community come through while with holding a value on the individual as well.

The power of mediums such as YouTube is highly underestimated and Wesch shows this power by demonstrating the communication at a global level; "building strong connections, and reconnecting with humanity". It is also very interesting to see the authenticity of such a medium be pushed as the idea of "we are all producers" claiming identities and essentially doing the same thing that multi-million dollar broadcasting companies do. With this realization we discover this faceless medium has more than appears at face value; it brings a new realm to a call for action and participation, from this we see values emerge and a true community develop.

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