Sunday, August 29, 2010

MX | P01: Community / Model Brainstorm & Research

Last week Abby and I teamed up to create our community project, after some deliberation we arrive at the activity of 'diving hunting' or 'dive finding'– basically creating a community surrounded by the idea of finding the best & worst hole-in-the-wall restaurants and bars. It is definitely going to be an exciting project as we both view it as a pretty unique opportunity.

So this weekend Abby and I began researching and brainstorming for our community, we also mind-mapped our community model and catered it to our community of 'Dive Finders'.

Brainstorm & Research:

With the research we took the following in to consideration: Physical Boundaries, Who / What's Involved, Equipment Needs, Demographics, Individual Wants / Needs, Community Wants / Needs, Symbols, and Motivations.

Featured are some photos of our brainstorming process:

Community Model Brainstorm:

Based upon the content of the reading, Phychological Sense of Community: Theory of McMillan & Chavis as well as the community diagram created by Elizabeth Dori Tunstall, we brainstormed the following for out community...

Agency: (user generated content)
-multimedia sharing
-"trusts" reviews

-user to user
-user to friends
-user to establishment
-establishment to community

Life Goals:
-Useful ratings (trust)
-defining "good"/"bad"/"ugly"
-finding "your spot"
-best food/drink
-info database

Organizational Structure:
- #1 is user contribution
    -"trusted" user
    -user location
-popularity/majority rules

Historical Consciousness:
-history of establishment
-discovery story/first impressions

Boundaries- location, budget, age, transportation, building access, food/drink genre, dress code
Emotional safety- "trusted" user, honest reviews
Sense of Belonging- atmosphere, cultural diversity
establishment aesthetic, created by our community

-rating system
-photo/video uploads

Integration and Fulfillment of Needs:
-good hangout (atmosphere)/ rating system, user generated content
-good food and drink/rating system, user generated content
-entertainment/rating system, user generated content
-support local economy/ location
-meet new people and find new places/ profiles and establishments
-comfort and reliability/ rating system, user generated content

Shared Emotional Connection:
-participate in rating/visiting dives
-establishment to community

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