Sunday, August 29, 2010

MX | P01: Community Model

Based upon our interpretation and integration of both the reading, Phychological Sense of Community: Theory of McMillan & Chavis and the community diagram created by Elizabeth Dori Tunstall, we created our very own Community Model.

We pulled from each, the reading and the diagram, what we felt was most important and fit in best within our community idea. Thus, we are attempting to create the ideal community for our demographic; below is a look at the final model as well as some process of how we got to the finished piece.

This features a small prototype for our community model; we also went through our mind-map and found things we thought were important in which we created a list of items to be featured in the model. The "individual" and the "community" bubbles will be covered in the paragraph we drafted as part of our written community proposal.

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