Tuesday, August 31, 2010

MX | Persona & Community Poster Sketches

For this part of the project Abby and I decided to work independently on the sketches to see what unique ideas each of us can pull together, we did bounce some ideas off each other but for the most part took our own perspectives and ran with them.

The four concept sketches I came up with really tried to capture the personality of our activity, thus better defining out community.

The first works with the unique signage elements and shapes that could be worked into headlines and subheads and provide a very nice visual element.

The second gives reference to the happy hour and 'specials' chalkboards that always seem to be present at the smaller, privately owned restaurants and bars; this options could allow us to work with bring in our own character and really get that well-worn aesthetic.

The third works with something similar to the chalkboards and give reference to the history dive restaurants hold, writing on the walls; this would be the backdrop for the posters and our information would be visually receding from the wall.

The fourth works with the environment, a view inside the establishment as the information is revealed on the window in a sort of transparent way as if it were annotating the environment with call-outs and directionals.

To the right of the sketches is some brainstorming of potential brand names for our community, we are not really satisfied with 'dive hunting' and are hoping we can find more of the dive lingo to use in a playful and clever way. I also started listing keywords that relate to our activity to get a better sense of the personality and to possibly spark some ideas.

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