Thursday, September 30, 2010

DSN SYS | And Then There Were 3 Color Concepts

Well here is a look at the push I made from the 5 previous concepts and I am happy with all 3 directions. I flushed each one out implementing photographic style, pattern, brand essence & attributes, as well as the logo mark & type. Color palettes for each were a bit of a challenge and still need to be tweaked but I think they are in the ballpark of where I want them to end up. Each concept emphasizes movement and references the bike through their circular forms and geometric, san-serif type. Enjoy!

DSN SYS | 5 Color Concepts

Continued research and redefining of the essence and brand attributes to be more cohesive with my vision / mission has helped shape the brand concept itself. It has helped to narrow the scope and really facilitate the ability to capture the true essence of the brand through a single mark and type. Here we have moved towards not only developing the mark and logotype but also working on the interaction and integration of the brand essence and attributes. I cannot say I am satisfied with what I have thus far but each has its own characteristics that hold potential, we'll see where it goes from here...tastier stuff is on the way!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

MX | Dive Community Poster, Wireframes, + Presentation Revisions

Abby and I have spent the weekend revising both of the posters, re-working and tightening the wire frames, as well and re-vamping our presentation. Enjoy!



Dive Present 02

MX | Dive Community Branding

As we have begun to tighten up our wire frames we have moved on to the branding stage of the project, giving a visual identity to our community. Here is a look at initial brainstorming and research:


- endemic
- quirky
- shabby
- well-worn
- nostalgia
- simple
- comfortable
- unchanged
- landmark
- weathered
- vintage
- peculiar
- eccentric
- outlandish
- atypical
- chalkboard
- happy hour

- St. Patty's Day
- Mardi Gras
- Game Day

1880's – dive referred to an illegal drinking den or place of ill repute; a disreputable entertainment establishment



With the visual research I took into consideration the nostalgia, and overall look and feel that portray dives; such as vintage signage, jukeboxes, band posters, matchbooks, and overall atmosphere.