Friday, September 17, 2010

DSN SYS | Design Objective + Potential Brand Names

The goal for the brand identity of this bike sharing systems is to emphasize to the user the benefits of such a system in relation to ease & convenience, the environment, and their own physical well-being. The brand will do so by speaking to the accessibility and simplicity of this alternative mode of transportation and reach the audience through a swift, efficient, and clean aesthetic. The identity will embody the brand attributes of fun, safe, and reliable through a comforting, universal feel that also stresses the 'fitness' of the environment and personal well-being. Overall it will speak to a large audience and clearly appeal to the work / play attitude of the urban personality.

1. Shift – an obvious bike reference but also pertaining to the shift in lifestyle

2. FreeRide – representing the affordability and freedom you gain from riding a bike

3. B-eco – ecological, eco-friendly

4. Alt-Route / Alt-Ride – representing alternative transportation, 'alternative route'

5. Metro Tread / Urban Tread

6. Flipside – alternative

7. In-tandem – cycling term - in relation to alternative choice

8. U-cycle – referencing 'urban' and 'you' the user

9. Revolution

10.  LifeCycle – lifestyle

11. Reclaim – environment / roads

12. Re-Cycle

13. bikeride

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