Monday, September 13, 2010

MX | Community Posters + Offline Needs & Online Solutions

Based on feedback from last weeks class and more research, we have revised our posters for our Dive Community and Individual within the Dive Community. This time we were able to complete our icon system, although it may still need some work; the basic idea was to compliment the hand-rendered copy to attempt to portray the personality of dives and the individuals they attract. We felt a rough, illustrated look effectively did so, as if someone were writing / drawing on the walls, tables, or on a napkin. Abby and I are also considering producing new images that will work better as a pair and are more carefully orchestrated in terms of background, foreground relationships, color, etc. So, here is a look at what we have so far, enjoy!


(01) Finding Dives
- map- sorting method (demographic info, age range, price range, etc.)
- photo of a street sign, show dives near you (GPS)
- geo tagging
- directory of places
- sorting method (user generated feedback, places similar to your taste,
 types of shows/entertainment offered, nearness, best specials,
 family friendly vs you and your friends)
- denotation of comfort based on user feedback relating to quality of service
 and general atmosphere (icon driven)

(02) Finding someone to go with (friends / someone new)
   - digital ping location of your friends or other users
   - possibly sorted by amount of feedback to site or similar interests/location
   - Finding out where your friends are
    - your friend joel is here/these people are out diving right now
    - scheduling "I'll be here at nine tonight", see their schedules
    - send out your notification "I'm here right now"

(03) Designated Drivers
    - facilitating carpooling with personal profiles and scheduling, maybe
        personal ads
        - "I'll be here at this time, do you need a ride?"
    - check into website as dd (“I’m available to drive tonight if you need me”)

(04) Scheduling
    - customizable planner
    - dive input of their upcoming events
    - night-by-night updates on favorite places
    - "following" specific places or other peoples plans
    - knowing that this bar is busy at this time
    - ”this place is awesome right now”

(05) Experience sharing
    - uploading video/sound/photos/stories of dive experience or show quality
    - place to post stories/quirky incidences about dive visits
    - if you're at a dive, being able to pull up content related to current location
    - pull up the history of current place (story of stagecoach mural/famous visitors)
    - picture frame motif - make your own photo/frame wall

(06) Food/drinks
    - user generated feedback of quality/rating system
    - denotation of genre/price
    - photo uploads
    - take a picture, warn of food allergies
    - menus available
    - reservation capabilities
    - photo beer, what food matches it?
    - digital drinks, send credit, get real drink

(07) Show Quality/Genre
    - upload sound bites to show sound quality
    - upload photos of musicians/djs/performances
    - "this place generally has this kind of music"
    - this place always has djs/live shows or a jukebox
    - jukebox contents and sound quality
    - "search by" option (I want to go to a bar with a live dj, or a place with this
        genre of music)
    - there are shows here here and here tonight
    - forecast of upcoming shows
    - personal juke box, allow you to make a mix tape/play list based off songs of the night

(08) Entertainment (pool/darts/etc.)
    - notice of upcoming tourneys/competitions
        - set by bar
        - set amongst the users. This is my score, who’s challenging me?
    - "how to" play games
    - score boards/pads
    - this place has these things available
    - statistics of games
    - take a picture of a dart board and have it auto count/tally points
    - syncing to computer games- log your scores

(09) Music from bands/songs played identification
    - capture a sound clip to identify later
- ability to recognize song for purchase/make a note to get it later
    - rate bands by live performances
- pull up band profile

(10) Finding Specials
    -night by night
    -sorting method (cheapest beer, best food, best quality, etc)

Happy Hours
        -specials listed
    -take a photo of the place for a dive profile

(11) No iPhone for updates
    -subscribe to specific bars through the hub for sms text updates

(12) Finding similar places to those you already enjoy
    -user generated feedback/popular opinion
    -browse by content
    -checklist of things you enjoy/how far you'd go/purpose for going

(13) Knowing quality of service
    -user generated feedback/rating system
    -take a picture of a bartender and get stories about them
    -tip jar visual, this bar tender is cool here (more money or less based on their service)

(14) Budgeting
    -keep tabs of how much you spend in a night
    -this is how much I can spend, minus each drink

(15) Dress codes
    -restrictions listed on dive profile
    -take picture of yourself, type in the dive you have in mind and figure out
        if your outfit would fit in/be over kill/be way sub-par

(16) Age Restrictions
    -hold up iPhone to location and see how old you have to be to get in
    -family oriented? clientele vs what's allowed
    -enter date, get a list of locations you can go to

(17) Good date location?
    -level of noise
    -"looking for somewhere romantic/casual/formal/cheap/etc. to take my date"
    -plot places between your place and theirs/closer to your place/closer to
        their place

(18) Finding "your" spot
    -user generated feedback/commentary
    -search by "casual/21+/cheap drinks/good food/jukebox/darts/location/
        comfort/friendly service"
    -"similar to" option
    -these people like these places (highest rated or users similar to you)
    -log how many visits you’ve made
    -”become a regular”- subscribe to favorite places
        -log enough money and get drinks or a tshirt?

(19) Comfort/reliability
    -user generated feedback/commentary
    -rating system on aspects of the bar

    -user generated feedback/reporting of atmosphere
        -specific quirks about the place
    -profile of regulars with video/audio
        -360 view of the bar/virtual tour

(20) Trusting others opinions/ratings
    -"trust" button, proving authenticity of ratings/commentary
    -user generated agreement on opinions

(21) Updates from specific locations
    -follow certain dives
    -schedule updates (auto)

(22) Finding places if you're new to town
    -highest rated
    -closet to you
    -open certain hours
    -sorting method (good food/good service/fast service/cheap food or drink/
        local shows/etc.)

(23) Supporting Local economy
    -photo your beer and find out if it’s made locally
    -point system (one local dive visit = one point, one local beer drank = one point)

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