Sunday, September 5, 2010

MX | Community Poster Progress; Round 01

Round 01 Poster Comps:

Design Progress:

Here I am utilizing the unique environment and trying to visually represent the quirkiness of the dives, trying to capture the 'hodge-podge' nature. More thoughts on the concept are to come with the final round 01 version, but this should give you a basic idea. We are still working to develop our icons, so for now we have placeholder circles representing each.

Considered icons / symbols:

Budget / Money ($, wallet, bills, coins)

Transportation (car, bike, skateboard)

Friends (bar stools, myspace/facebook)

Location (compass, street signs)

Drink (pilsner, bottles, mugs)

Shows (spotlight, mic, speakers)

'Quirkiness' (Jukebox, buoy, fish)

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