Wednesday, September 15, 2010

MX | Wireframing + Community / Individual Poster Revisions & Progress


In re-working the posters, our goal was to create clear and concise information and work on further establishing hierarchy and further integrating our background images. I think we are taking a step in the right direction as it relates more to our initial proposed concept. Here we have a chance to work with out type interacts with the background and how they can work together, also, we worked in the background images with more of their natural color in hopes of further emphasizing personality. There is also the presence of square boxes on both posters, these will contain images that further support the information and give the viewer a bit more context in regards to our activity.


*Our sketched out wireframes can be found on Abby's blog

01- How can I find new dives?
- sorting method -> what are you looking for?
 - select search mode

 - NEAR ME: enter current location, pull up map, select location, get directions
 - CHEAP DRINKS: enter current location, get list of five cheapest locations within
            15 miles of you. View dive profile w/ list of nightly specials. select location,
            get directions
 -LIKE PLACES YOU ALREADY LIKE: over the course of your dive experiences
            you can rate and “like” a dive. When you go to find a new place, you can
            view a list of dives other people have “liked” based on the shared dives
            you have in common. You can then view personal profiles to view all
            locations that they “like,” their ratings/reviews, and their level of trustability

02- How can I find people to hang out with?
-find people near you: Log into dive GPS, see digital pings of other people that are out at dives
    (ability to sort via strangers or friends or both)
-Message Board: Log in, view a live-feed message board (sort by either strangers or friends)
    and see their updates “Going to Gusto in ten minutes,” or “This place is awesome, come
- Send out invites to friends: Log in, enter your own message-board feed or message all friends
    “Gusto is cool, you should come join!”

03- How can I make a collective schedule for myself within the dive community?
Step one: Log in
Then you can either:
Subscribe to Bars: for instant special schedule and show schedule updates that you can view
    - night by night updates added by a dive: get an alert and you can add it to your
View Message Board: View message board updates by friends that you can add
Specific Events Added- go to dive profile, view event list, add
    Example 1: “Gusto has a concert on Aug. 3” you can add it
    Example 2: “Gusto has $2 draft beers every Tuesday night” you can add it once or
        you can “add it on a weekly basis”

04- How can I share my dive experiences?
Step one: Log in
Then you can either:
-upload images, tag them with location and other denotations
-add a story to an experience
-sort- on dive profile, sort experiences to view other’s additions (sort by food, shows,
atmosphere, etc.)
-view other’s experiences
    -log into GPS, get a message asking you to confirm your location, view the dive profile
        and then “view other’s experiences” which brings up photos, videos, stories, and
        general history of the bar. You can sort this information based on shows, food,
        regulars, service, etc.

05- How can I interact with music/live shows while at a dive?
Step one: Log in
If you’re at a live show- use your iPhone to record soundbites/video of the show you’re viewing,
then you upload them to the experiences tab on your profile or the experiences tab on a
certain dive profile. You then tag the clips however appropriate (“live show, music, dj, rock, etc.”)
If you want to add general information about a dive- you can comment on the dive’s profile
    Example: This place always has a DJ on Thursday nights
    Example: This place only has a jukebox
    Example: This place only ever has rock bands.
    Example: Sound quality of live shows suck here.
Find a dive with specific music- you can search by whatever category you’re looking for “DJ,
    jukebox, rock (or other genre), etc”
Get updates on shows: The system will send you a notification
    Example: Gusto will have DJ Mike DiLeo tomorrow night starting at 8!
    -You will then be able to add the event to your schedule or “ignore” the update.
Create your own play list: Hear a song, enter the song on the search engine, find the one
    you’re looking for, and then “add it to your jukebox” in order to create a personalized
    soundtrack of the night
Record a sound clip with you’re iPhone, use it later to identify the song or use the embedded
    program to recognize the song, which you can then make a note of or add it to your

06- How do I Keep Tabs on How Much I Spend?
Step one: log in
Enter drink totals as the night goes on- the system records the amount you spend for you to view later. You can set your preferences as to how long the information is recorded.
    -go to your preference's on your profile, select “keep record for one day only, keep
    record for one week, one year, etc.”
Specific amount to spend:
-Enter the total you want to spend that night ($30), hit “set,” then enter each drink you spend
    money on ($4, $7.40, etc.). You will get an alert when you get low on funds as well as be
    able to view your remaining total at any given time.
Sync with your tab and record how much you spend

07- How Do I Know Who’s Opinion Within the Community to Trust?
Step one: log in
View some one’s profile, read the feedback they’ve left for dives, experience it yourself, then
    revisit the person’s profile and “trust” what they wrote by clicking a button on their page.
View a person’s profile and be able to see the number of “trusts” a user has gained
    Example: Jane has 312 trusted opinions (you would know this person is some one to
        rely on)
    Example: Steve has 2 trust opinions (When you look at the person’s join date and see
        how active they are on the site, you can use this number to determine Steve’s

08- How Can I & How Can I Find Out if I am Supporting the Local Economy?
Step one: Log in
Go to the Local tab on the iPhone app, take a photo of your beer with your iPhone, hit “local?”
tab and it will tell you if the beer is made locally or not.
Enter the name of the beer into the “local?” search section and it will tell you where it’s made
Search for a dive with the option of “local beers served only”

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