Sunday, October 10, 2010

MX | 3-D Model + 3 Levels of Interaction

To help further facilitate our thinking strategies in relation to our web 2.0 communities and how they are structured on all 3 of the platforms (web, iPhone, iPad) we spent some time creating some wild 3-dimensional models. These models helped me visualize the z-space and how it can be utilized in tandem with the x and y-spaces. My first attempt was not so successful as I was not exactly certain what I was bringing into question, but after some reflection upon the process and its relationship to our project I arrive at a much clearer state.

The "what if" brought in to question with my second attempt was "what if numerous elements of our community were interactive simultaneously and able to be customized by each and every individual." This "what if" gave a lot of attention to the z-space and how elements can co-exist harmoniously and even benefit each other to bring about greater knowledge to the individual.

THE FIRST LEVEL OF INTERACTION is visualized by the larger color fields on the vertically arching wires (left & right). These represent the different broad options the individual has control over choseing, these elements are the starting point for user-driven customization.

THE SECOND LEVEL OF INTERACTION is represented by the color fields placed on the brown board, these are the elements the individual has chosen from the larger arching fields. This represents a drag-and-drop and the ability for the user to curate their own space within the community.

THE THIRD LEVEL OF INTERACTION is present within the users curated space represented by the leading wires which symbolize relationships as well as the ability to further customize the space by moving and organizing content.

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