Sunday, October 3, 2010

MX | Community Branding

We are now beginning to move into the design phases for our community while simultaneously flushing out our solutions via wire frames and a site-map. The branding, wire frames, and site map are the foundation for our community so our goal is to really establish these elements and make them thorough and easy to understand which will facilitate the design process and integration.

On the branding side of things, Abby and I have worked out 3 names, so of which were are pretty fond of. I have been working with the name "Landmark" and Abby has been working with "The Blind Tiger" and "The Drinking Den". My approach involved gathering inspiration from the aesthetic standpoint of the dive bars and restaurants, more specifically, looking at the signage and how they convey the nostalgic, unique personality of the establishment, as well as pulling from these, color schemes and graphic elements.

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