Tuesday, October 19, 2010

MX | Community Design: The Blind Tiger All Screens

Below is a look at each screen breaking down the scenarios we chose, one being how to find a dive and the other dealing with our "local points" linking to the local economy. After some searching for a strong visual direction I think I have made some solid progress, although there are still links that need to be made and revised with the visual language. Also, as I worked through each scenario, new ideas came to mind that I would like to play out if time allows.

01: Finding a Dive

personal space

 "Find" drop-down

 select "Area" and drag&drop

"Area" nav

drag&drop of "Midtown"

 drag&drop of "Westport"

 close "Area" nav

 ability to scale "Midtown" content

 ability to collapse "Midtown" content

 roll-over state of "Harlings" gives general information

 click&drag to reveal "Harlings Upstairs" profile

 ability to add to "favorites" by clicking the icon

02: "My Points"
 collapsed "Westport" content

 "Local" drop-down

 roll-over state of "My Points"

 drag&drop "My Points" to my space

 drag&drop "Rank"

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